I am so excited to share with you that our family has grown by one with the addition of a kitten!  Meet Maverick, a nine-week-old, long-haired tabby mix that we adopted from the Georgia SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) just two days ago.
     The friendly folks at the shelter told us that this little mister was found on the side of the road with an injured jaw. :( It is believed he was bitten by another animal, but nobody knows for sure.  A good samaritan brought him to the GSPCA, where he was dubbed Wee Bit.  At first, he was not doing very well.  He was placed in a loving foster home and with the care of his foster family, he steadily improved and at eight weeks old, he was strong enough to be placed up for adoption! Although there were so many wonderful kitties at the shelter from which to choose, we knew without a doubt that Wee Bit, now Maverick, was the boy for us!

For more information aout the Georgia SPCA, including pets available for adoption and ways to volunteer or donate, please visit www.georgiaspca.org 

To visit the blog of Wee Bit's foster mom, Liza Cardona, go to www.thebluebirdpatch.com


  1. So cute. How do Brooklyn and Annie feel about him?

  2. They like him! They were wagging their tails when we introduced them. Maverick is so tiny, but walks around like he owns the place! It is so cute to watch.

  3. There's a new sheriff in town...

    Look at that little guy!

    -Chris & Anne

  4. I swear I cried tears of happiness after reading your post. I couldn't be more happy for Maverick and your family. He is a wonderful cat and I can't wait to read more about his new adventures. Thank you for adopting Maverick and giving him a happy life!!! Liza Cardona www.thebluebirdpatch.com

  5. We made a great choice!

    Nice pictures!